About DumpStor

DumpStor provides innovative and efficient solutions to our residential, commercial and industrial customers in the dumpster rental and job-site storage industries. We pride ourselves on servicing our customers according to our Core Values, creating our DumpStor culture.


The DumpStor Inspiration

Our founder and CEO Joe Martino has been involved in the Waste Industry for nearly 40 years. Joe started off following the footsteps of his father in the Hauling industry dating back to the 1950’s. From that point, Joe branched out and built two successful companies in Upstate NY, a commercial property maintenance company and a Dumpster Rental Company. In 2006, Joe had successfully sold both businesses and moved down to Northern Virginia. In 2008, Joe bought out an existing Dumpster Rental Company; this company is still operated today by Joe and his son, Joey Martino. Through years of industry knowledge and experience, Joe saw the need for smaller dumpsters, smaller storage containers, along with smaller Non-CDL trucks to perform the work. That is where and how the DumpStor Brand was started. DumpStor currently is in patent pending status on a Dumpster/Storage container combination unit. This product allows our customers to securely lock job site tools in a secure department while having the convenience of a dumpster attached. DumpStor brings two industries into one and has created a new space along with a new convenience for customers. The DumpStor Pro along with the convenient and effective open top and enclosed dumpster options, make DumpStor the premier dumpster rental option!

The Idea Comes To Life

Meet your Corporate Team

Joe Martino
Joe Martino Chief Executive Officer/Founder


Joey Martino
Joey Martino President/Co-Founder


Sam Heaps
Sam Heaps Executive Vice President/Co-Founder


Nicole Cassella
Nicole Cassella Director of Brand Culture


Christina Martino
Christina Martino Director of Operations for Corporate Locations & Operating System Support


Angela Stalls
Angela Stalls Director of Compliance & Office Manager


Jennifer Khan
Jennifer Khan Customer Service Representative


Mike Pavia
Mike Pavia National Director of Equipment and Safety


Pat DeRocco
Pat DeRocco Branding and Graphics Specialist


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