Top 10 Waste Management Service Providers 2023

Environmental Business Review: Waste Management Edition 

Top 10 Waste Management Service Providers 2023

Waste management and disposal regulations are becoming more stringent as governments mobilize to address rising environmental concerns. However, factors like illegal dumping, insufficient landfill space, price pressures, and inefficient collection systems hinder businesses across many market sectors, from establishing their desired waste management and disposal efficiencies.

A one-stop shop for customers’ dumpster rental needs, DumpStor is backed by the right strategies and methods to help clients establish a sustainable waste management system. The company provides scalability in dumpster size selection to accommodate diverse project requirements, from small-scale residential cleanouts to large construction projects.

“We’ve devised a cleaner, leaner, and meaner way to run waste management systems with non-CDL trucks and less fuel, making it more employable. DumpStor also provides clients with superior services at a competitive price, enabling them to effectively and affordably manage and dispose of their waste,” says Joey Martino, executive vice president of DumpStor.

When a customer calls, DumpStor’s customer service team quickly learns the job’s location, material type, requested rental date, concerns, and placement instructions. The company’s most frequently rented dumpster is a 20-yard container that fits in a standard parking space and can be transported by non-CDL vehicles. For smaller-scale projects, select DumpStor locations offer a standard 12-yard Open Top dumpster. In addition to the 12 and 20-yard dumpsters, DumpStor features their innovative DumpStor Pro, an open-top dumpster combined with a lockable storage unit. This allows customers to secure their tools and building materials while offering the versatility of a 12-yard Open Top Dumpster. Design-wise, DumpStor dumpsters fit into a single parking spot, helping clients conserve space and job site efficiency.

Using non-CDL trucks, DumpStor effectively reduces diesel fuel consumption. Meanwhile, its team of drivers leverages impeccable professionalism to assist clients in taking control of their waste disposal and ensure the dumpsters are appropriately positioned to avoid damaging driveways or customer property.

DumpStor utilizes an online booking system to turn the conventionally cumbersome process of booking a dumpster into an easy and stress-free experience. Customers can access a client portal for seamlessly scheduling pickups and requesting dumpster exchanges to further provide a smooth customer interaction.

Driven by 50-plus years of experience in the dumpster rental space, the DumpStor team provides exceptional support to all of their franchise locations. Exemplifying the firm’s customer-centricity is its excellent ability to be available for client needs. This competency drives numerous businesses to engage with its friendly and highly competent support staff to build valuable, long-lasting relationships. In most cases, DumpStor’s customers across the residential, commercial, industrial, and contractor domains are pleased by the equipment quality and top-notch service it employs nationwide and the effectiveness of its booking system. Without impeding the development of a customer’s ongoing project, it continuously provides service that aids in completing the task on time and within budget.

DumpStor leads the industry in helping clients across the U.S. take control of their waste management and disposal processes. From a geographical standpoint, it is expanding into major metropolitan areas and operates in 12 locations, including their newest locations in Richmond, VA, Corpus Christi, TX, Laredo, TX, and Hendersonville, TN.

DumpStor will continue striving to simplify the dumpster rental process, making it easy, hassle-free, and accessible for customers and businesses of all sizes. The company also wants to encourage proper waste disposal, recycling, and environmentally conscious methods of managing the waste collected in its dumpsters across the U.S. and beyond.