DumpStor Delivers Project

DumpStor Delivers Project for 1st Quarter of 2023

[Manassas, VA]

DumpStor is excited to choose Kicking Kids Cancer foundation through the XL Soccer

World Orlando’s program for the 1st quarter DumpStor Delivers Project of 2023! A

portion of every dumpster rented by all of their Franchisee partners, as well as the

DumpStor corporate locations go toward this incredible cause. Kicking Kids

Cancer’s mission is to: Help fund innovative clinical research seeking a cure for cancer

within children!


Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease, in children under 15. The average age

of children diagnosed with cancer is only 6 years old. Each year an estimated 400,000

children and adolescents 0-19 years of age, develop cancer. The most common types

being leukemia, brain cancer, lymphoma and tumors. If able to achieve the World

Health Organization’s goal of a 60% survival rate for all children with cancer by 2030,

would save an additional 1,000,000 children’s lives over the next decade. These

sobering statistics highlight the seriousness and realization that there is a long way to

go to kick kid’s cancer. 


Last year, over $90,000 was raised from the XL Soccer World for the Kicking Kids

Cancer program! This year, DumpStor is excited to do their part in helping to increase

that number. 


The DumpStor Delivers Project is DumpStor’s way of providing support to the

communities they serve. Through this quarterly program, DumpStor’s network of franchisees, employees and corporate team members come together for one common cause.  DumpStor is driven by their core values, one of which being an emphasis on Community. Know that when you rent a dumpster with DumpStor, a portion of that rental will be going to a positive, valuable cause. 


 For more information, visit www.dumpstor.com to learn more.