The DumpStor Recycling Guide

The process can be a little confusing if you’re new to recycling. Not all recyclables go in the bin, and some things that look recyclable are actually waste. Without a recycling guide, the wrong items might get placed in the recycling bin and slow down (or temporarily shut down) recycling centers in the process.

The Recycling Guide from DumpStor of Northern Virginia can help clear up confusion as you take your first steps to becoming a more environmentally friendly person. We’ll go over curbside recycling, items that can be taken to recycling centers, and non-recyclables.

The Recycling Bin

Electronic Recycling

Other Recyclables


DumpStor Recycling

The Recycling Bin

One of the most confusing parts of recycling is knowing exactly what can go in your curbside bin in VA. Though you should check the regulations of Manassas before you start, we can give you a few tips from DumpStor of Northern Virginia in this recycling guide.

One of the most important tips to remember is that food and other waste cannot be recycled. So, any items you want to recycle need to be cleared of food and liquids before you place them in your bin.

Another quick tip is that plastic bags cannot be recycled. This means you shouldn’t put plastic bags in your recycling bin and all recyclables should go directly into the bin without a trash bag.

Now that we have the basics down, let’s move on to what items you can place in your recycling bin at your home in DumpStor of Northern Virginia.

Bottles & Containers

Bottles and containers are probably the most common items we recycle, but we don’t always know the rules. While it’s important to check the specific guidelines for the Manassas of DumpStor of Northern Virginia, here are a few quick tips on how to recycle plastic and glass.

Recycling Plastic

  1. Don’t take off the caps
    Even though bottle caps are made from a different plastic than the actual bottle it’s very hard to recycle them separately due to their size and usually end up in landfills. So, it’s important to keep the caps on when recycling plastic bottles.
  2. Clean if necessary
    Plastic recyclables don’t have to be spotless, but they should be free of food and liquids. Compost can slow down recycling plants in VA or cause a temporary shutdown. So, make sure your plastics are clear of any waste before tossing them in the bin.
  3. If you have time: separate
    This tip is less for curb recycling and more for those taking their bottles and containers straight to the recycling center in Manassas. If you’re an overachiever, it helps to separate your bottles and containers by the type of plastic. It’s even more helpful to separate them by shape.

Recycling Glass

Recycling glass containers and bottles is another great idea and can also usually be done curbside. Check your neighborhood in Manassas to see if they allow glass in your bin before participating in this environment-friendly activity. Of course, you can always drop your glass at your local recycling center in VA.


You can also recycle your metal cans in your Manassas recycling bin. Aside from crushed soda cans, you can include food and juice cans like spam or pineapple juice containers. You can even recycle whip cream bottles! Just make sure you remove the caps first.

Cardboard & Paper

Flattened cardboard and paper are other easy items to toss in your recycling bin. With the number of online orders we make, recycling all the cardboard boxes is a great way to help the environment.

You may even be able to recycle food cartons like juice boxes and clean take-out containers. Before doing so, make sure they’re not coated with wax or covered in food waste. It’s also important to check with your waste management company in Manassas to make sure they collect food cartons.


Recycling e-waste isn’t just great for the environment, but also for the community. Throwing out batteries, old laptops, and other household electronics in the waste bin can be dangerous since they contain hazardous materials that can cause shutdowns at typical waste plants.

When taken to special e-waste centers, the parts can be disassembled correctly and the extracted metals can be re-used for really great products like thermometers, and other medical-grade equipment. It allows us to put those precious metals back to use and keep them out of landfills.


What is e-waste? The term can be used to cover a variety of electronics we might not think about on our average day. Electronic waste can include cellphones, tablets, TVs, computers, refrigerators, and even solar panels. These items have precious metals and circuit boards that can be re-purposed and reused if recycled correctly.

So instead of leaving that old 52-inch TV out on the sidewalk, consider taking it to an e-waste center in Manassas instead.

Where To Recycle Electronics

Electronics should not be recycled in your bin at home. However, it is a great idea to take them to a recycling center in Manassas that specializes in E-waste. You can also take them to your local Best Buy recycling program or trade them in at another appliance/electronic store.

Other places that specialize in e-waste include Earth 911, Call2Recycle, and Greener Gadgets.

Other Recyclables

Two items that we probably don’t think about recycling are textiles and metals.

Instead of throwing out that old bathmat or itchy sweater, consider taking them to a donation center that specializes in repurposing cloth. Many places like Goodwill or your local textile bank in VA can break those items down and sell the fabric for reuse. You can also drop them in a Planet Aid Bin in Manassas to be repurposed as well.

As for those old saw blades and copper wires, you can take them to a center in Manassas that specializes in scrap metal. You can even rent a dumpster from us in Manassas to get rid of all your scrap metal without ever leaving your driveway. Once you fill the bin, we’ll transfer your scrap metal for you.


Now that you know what you can recycle, here are a few items you can’t recycle in Manassas.

Unfortunately, plastic bags cannot be recycled. It’s a good idea to also check your other plastics, as there are a few other plastic items that can’t be recycled either. You can always check the labels before tossing them in the bin.

Some packaging is also incapable of being recycled despite the cardboard feel. Flex packaging usually contains other materials aside from cardboard that will slow down recycling centers. Packaging with wax coating and plastic wraps are also not recyclable.

Medical waste shouldn’t be in either bin. There are specific rules on how to safely dispose of medical waste that you can learn from the EPA.

Recycling with DumpStor

DumpStor of Northern Virginia helps the environment in any way it can. Our 20-yard enclosed dumpsters are made from materials that meet EPA regulations, we recycle whenever we can, and we’ve created this recycling guide to help others recycle in VA too!

Recyclables DumpStor Can Accept

The main thing we can help you recycle is your scrap metal. As mentioned, you can rent one of our dumpsters like our 12-yard Open Top and throw all your scrap metal inside. Once you’re done filling it up, we’ll pick up the bin and take it to a transfer center.

We’ll also take bulk amounts of cardboard you have stacked up in your garage off your hands! Call our DumpStor of Northern Virginia in Manassas at Number to find out what other items we can take off your hands and recycle for you.

How to Recycle with DumpStor

Interested in throwing your large recyclables in one of our DumpStor of Northern Virginia bins? Find out how to rent a dumpster from DumpStor of Northern Virginia and clean out your space today!