DumpStor Delivers Project Q2 2023

DumpStor Delivers Project for Q2 of 2023! 

April, 2023 

[Manassas, VA] 

DumpStor is excited to work with Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center for the 2nd DumpStor Delivers Project of 2023! A portion of every dumpster rented through the Franchisee partners, as well as the DumpStor corporate locations,  goes to the center.  Mt Carmel Veteran’s Service Center’s  mission is: “…provides transition and employment assistance, behavioral health and wellness, supportive services, connection to community resources, and safe event space for veterans, military members and their families.”


As a brand with franchisees and employees who are veterans, the DumpStor Team has an appreciation for the men and women who serve our country. We are proud to work with Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center. 


In 2022, Mt Carmel served over 80,000 clients with some highlights including: 

  • Helped 3,400 veterans and military service members secure positions 
  • Almost 3,000 counseling and therapy sessions 
  • Assist 2,500 veterans in crisis through the Military, Veteran and Family Services Program 
  • Invested over $1.8 million into program expenses, providing military-affiliated clients with no cost/low cost services in the Pikes Peak Region


The DumpStor Delivers Project is DumpStor’s way of providing support to the

communities they serve. Through this quarterly program, DumpStor’s network of franchisees, employees and corporate team members come together for one common cause.  DumpStor is driven by their core values, one of which being an emphasis on Community. Know that when you rent a dumpster with DumpStor, a portion of that rental will be going to a positive, valuable cause. 

DumpStor has locations in Northern VA; Richmond VA; Nashville TN;  Murfreesboro TN;  North Orlando FL;  Rio Grande Valley (McAllen) TX;  South Houston TX; Colorado Springs CO; Dallas/Fort Worth TX; Corpus Christi TX and Laredo TX.  For more information, please visit www.dumpstor.com